Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rosebuds of Faith Series: All the Same in God's Eyes

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free,
male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."
Galatians 3:28

In our society, we are constantly reminded of something
called discrimination. It is ever present, and also brings
something else with it: political correctness.

Being aware that something may exist is one thing. To
have it rammed into your mind continually is something
else. It makes it difficult to carry on conversations, for
fear of saying the wrong thing. It makes us acutely aware
that we may make a mistake, and accidentally cause someone
to feel 'less than' because of color or race. Or it may
inflame feelings among family members because we share
different viewpoints about it. We still see where women
deal with discrimination in the workplace. And we hear about
possible profiling in regards to the war on terror.

Many times we are affected by our upbringing concerning
this. And many times we are in that place where we are
the one being discriminated against. Discrimination
is not merely concerning race and creed, or gender; it is also
from beliefs, economic standing, outward appearance, or behavior.

But our God has told us that once we are saved, we are as one.
There is no difference in us, not in ways we can be discriminated
against. There is no rich or poor; no black or white; no educated
or non-educated. We are equal under God's great Heaven. Male
and female does not even count. It is what is in the heart that
God looks at. And once we are saved, discrimination should have
no part in our lives. But.....

Again, we are bombarded by this issue daily. And if we do not guard
our minds and hearts, it is easy for us to become a part of the problem.
So take heart, remember the words of the LORD, and ask Him to help
you if you have an issue in this matter.

And remember...once in Heaven, we will no longer have need to discuss,
to worry about, or to fear this issue. It will be GONE! Hallelujah!

Love one matter what race, color, creed, education, etc.,
etc., etc. We are the same in Christ's eyes. So let's be the same in
each other's eyes as well. Love well. Love all.


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