Wednesday, June 23, 2010

REUNIONS....Heart, Mind, Soul

'This is My commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.'
John 15:12 (KJV)

I recently attended my 40th (it's true!) high school reunion.

As I traveled out of state to attend this event, I started thinking about
the kids I went to school with, and of course the memories started flooding
back. By the time I got to my hometown, I was so excited at the thought of
seeing these folks that I even forgot my nervousness. You see, I had
attended the fifth year reunion...but none since. Most of these people I
had not seen for the full 40 years. And don't I know first hand how one
can change over that period of time. After all, I do own a mirror or two!

On the night of the big event, I chose my outfit carefully. I fixed my
hair just so, and put on just the right amount of makeup. I wanted to look
at least 'nice'. I knew many folks would be like me...a little plumper, a
little wiser, but definitely older. And I knew there would be the 'Barbie
Dolls', the ones who looked great in school and were able to carry that
off all these many years later! I was not wrong. But much of that was
reversed. Many who were not so 'Barbie Like' in school now are, and many
who were no longer are! Not that I take pleasure in that, but it sure
puts one at ease in a crowded room!

What I took away from this reunion was that God has always blessed me.
He has blessed me with my life...with my marriage...with my children...
and with my family and friends. Now I have new friends...yes, new!
Reconnections, and connections with those I knew but were not especially
close to back in the day. But God knows who we need in our lives and
when. He has a plan for us to be blessed and for us to be blessings. So
now I have a new mission field, a new interest, and a new hope. I will
be in touch. I will attend the next one in five years, God willing,
and I will show Jesus to each one I meet. I did that this year. I loved
on those I never did love before. I cried with those who told me of
relatives I knew who have since passed on. And I laughed with the ones
who have always had a special place in my heart.

Jesus has told us in His Word that we should love one another. I am
happy to embrace that command. I am feeling full in my heart and my
mind and my soul with the joy I experienced the other night. And I know
this is the beginning, not the end. I will take those memories with me
wherever I am. They are now part and parcel of all I have been, am,
and will be.

Reunions....I'm signed up! How about you? Don't miss your chance to
be a blessing!


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