Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rosebuds of Faith Devotional Series: LOVE * A Witness * (#4)

'By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.' John 13:35

Love...Yes, this is exactly what Jesus is all about! He came in love, He lived in love, He died in love, and He arose in love.

We all know the story of the last supper, when Jesus took up the water and a towel and proceeded to wash His beloved disciple's feet. They were aghast. They did not understand why their Master was washing their feet! They felt most unworthy, and were even somewhat embarrassed by His actions. Some even resisted the deed.

But as Jesus had the heart of a servant, this is what He wanted for His disciples. He knew that if they would love one another, to the point of being willing to perform the most menial of tasks, then they would be able to be a witness for each other, and for those who would be 'looking on'. Yes, there are always those who are doing just that...watching.

People who do not know God do not understand what Christians are about. They have no concept of why we would 'lower' ourselves to do things that are considered below us. So when someone like that observes us doing for one another, they will tend to remember it, and wonder about it, and perhaps even ask 'why?'.

There are those who do not grasp the reason we help those who have less than we do. Some even say that if one is poor, it is their own fault. They do not stop to consider that sometimes things happen in people's lives that are beyond their control. And that is when they need the love of Christ to rescue them. Not just from lack of material things, but from heartbreak, from loneliness, from despair. Their souls need refreshed, and more often than not, salvation. And that can come only from Christ Himself.

As Jesus walked this earth as a Witness for God and His love, we also should be willing to be 'seen'. No, not for the sake of recognition for doing good deeds, for we should never do something good for someone else with that in mind. But willing to stand for what is good and right, of God, of mercy, and of love. When we stand, and serve with open hearts, then those who see may just find what they have always been looking for...love. A witness for Christ is one who puts other's needs ahead of his own, and does not look to the right or the left, but straight on to the task at hand, to deliver God's grace and love to those who are in need.

Be a witness. Show Jesus to the world. It's not boasting or bragging of your own deeds...rather, it's loving God and loving each other. Just as Jesus wanted us to do!


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