Monday, March 28, 2011

From Who Comes Our Help?

'Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help.' Psalm 146:5

Often we tend to turn to people and things of this world for our help. When we are hungry, we go to our favorite restaurants. When we are in financial difficulties, we run to our credit cards. When we are lonely, we run to our friends and family.

And while these things are not 'bad' in and of themselves, they should not be our first course of action. Because, after all, where DOES our help come from?

It should come from the LORD! He has told us from the beginning of time that He is our help, He is our portion, He is our very heart. He is the very first place, the first One, we should take our issues to. He is the only One who can and will give us rest, peace, comfort in any situation.

Take the time today to read this lovely Psalm of praise to our King. The words flow with grace and rhythm, in beat with the favor and love the LORD our God so freely bestows on those who love Him, and who follow His commandments. Your heart will be lifted, your troubles will pale, and your day will begin with a lightness in your soul that will be evident to those around you. These things are what makes us happy in our internal and external countenance.

For from the LORD our God, indeed, from Him comes our help!


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