Monday, April 1, 2013

#2 So They Took Jesus...

(I am reposting four devotionals about Easter from Living Water Daily Devotionals. I am doing this because I feel so strongly that the message needs to be repeated, that we understand what Christ did for us. Blessings!) (March 29, 2013)

'So they took Jesus, & He went out , bearing His own cross.....'. (John 19:17)

We go from what we call Palm Sunday, when Jesus triumphantly returns to Jerusalem amid the people waving palm fronds and calling out Hosanna, to the same people calling out for His crucifixion. When given the choice of his or a criminal's release, they chose the criminal.

Yet we should not judge them. Many times throughout our lifetimes we will have been guilty of the same thing. Yes, we often choose sin over Christ. Usually not deliberately, but we choose it just the same.

The difference now is that if we are true Christians, He is living within us. And because this awful thing happened to Him, He gives us mercy and forgiveness. His Father, our Father, allowed this death to happen. He willingly gave His Son as a sacrifice because of our sin, because of our choices.

So as He proceeded on to Golgotha, in absolute misery but total determination, we were on His mind. Yes, whether you know Him now or not, He still did this for you, and for me.

Consider today the choices Jesus made. Mark today as a day of worship and remembrance of what was done for mankind by the Creator of mankind. Be sorrowful for His suffering, yet joyful for His indescribable love. There is none like Him.


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