Sunday, January 8, 2017

Introducing: My New Blog Journey: Walking With God Through Cancer

This past year has brought many changes in my life. In late February, it was discovered that I might have uterine cancer. Turns out, that was indeed a fact.

The whirlwind of surgeries, and radiation treatment, have left me with issues I never imagined I would ever face. But then, who does? Who says, 'I think I might have cancer someday.'?

But when it does indeed happen to you, a whole other world begins to develop, and very quickly.

I just wanted to let you know, since I have been absent for some time, that I am actively writing again, and will be writing on this blog once again, as well as the new one above. It is located at I will be adding that address on the sidebar, and making some other updates to the blog site as well. Let's just say, lots of things have changed in my life, and I need to make everything as updated as I can.

God is still in control, and still on the throne, and I, for one, am very thankful!!!

God Bless!


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