Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obama, Afghanistan..and me on Fox & Friends!

I have a son in Afghanistan, and one in Germany, who has been
there X 2. So I have a vested interest in what's going on! I have
been stewing for a while...getting hotter and hotter over our
president's hesitancy to send more troops. Let me explain....

I don't want ANY of our troops over there! These people are
our future! They are our sons and daughters, our mothers and
fathers, sisters and brothers, etc., etc. They are our friends
and neighbors. But these special folks have volunteered to be
a part of our military, and thus when they were deployed,
they have gone willingly.

But our president does not seem to care about them. I have
been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I'm
afraid the doubt is winning. They are over there working
hard, many are being injured and killed, and for what? For a
country that does not care? I don't believe that. And
regardless of his socialist leanings, I find it difficult to believe
that President Obama does not value human life more than
he is displaying to the nation. If it were his kids???

This morning I was listening to Fox and Friends. They
asked the question: are you angry that President Obama has
put off making the decision to send additional troops to
Afghanistan? (Not their exact words, but paraphrased.)
They wanted people to Twitter the answer. So for once, I did.
And this is what I said, more or less: Yes, I am angry! My
son is in Afghanistan, and is pulling 12 hrs on/6 hrs off, and
I believe it's because there are not enough folks over there.
President Obama, what are you doing???

Imagine my surprise when I heard Gretchen speaking my
name! She read my Tweet and I was bowled over. This has
re-energized my passion for this issue. If we are not going to
support our military, then bring them home. They believe in
what they are fighting for...our freedoms, our safety, our
very future. But if they are not able to have the resources
necessary to complete the mission...then get them out of there!

Ok, this is my first blog, and I know I've been longwinded, but get
used to it! This is the way I am...I get fired up and my mind goes
faster than my fingers!

Let's all pray...pray for safety for our troops, pray for our
government, and, yes, pray for President Obama. Pray for
wisdom, for his eyes to be opened, and for our country to be
saved. We must turn back to God....and He will heal our land.


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