Sunday, November 15, 2009

Terror Trials in Civil Courts????

Hi, again! I am sitting at my computer desk, after a nice
weekend with family in Ohio, wondering if what I am
hearing is real!

Are we truly going to try the terrorist prisoners we currently
hold in a civil court? Wait a minute...doesn't that mean
Miranda Rights, the presumption of innocence, etc, etc, etc?

When I read the history books, I know I saw that the Nazi
regime that was charged with war crimes, and subsequently
tried, were tried in, hello!, MILITARY TRIBUNALS! Yes!
That's exactly right! They were not your common run of the
mill crooks who broke into the local hardware store. They did
not rob a bank. They even did not steal your neighbor's dog.
They KILLED AMERICANS. They killed them and took joy in it.
They deliberately chose innocent people, who had nothing
whatsover to do with politics, with interfering with their
religion, or with the way their countries were run. The people
they killed were not associated with our government. They were
the 'regular people'...people like you and me.

Any murder, any crime against another's person, is in fact a
terrorist act. The injured party has been terrorized. But we have
so minutely re-classified our definitions of crime (terror attacks,
hate crimes, gay-bashing, etc) that the word terror, which once
alluded to the horrible crimes of 9/11 by religious zealots, is now
being downgraded to sound and appear to be of alot less concern.

In all fairness, the acts of September 11, 2001 were terrorist
attacks, on NYC, on Washington, DC, and on Shanksville, Pa,
which seems so often to be left out of the equation when the
press talks about 9/11. But the fact remains that these attacks
were carried out in a deliberate, preplanned fashion, against
innocents, and in a most horrible method. So why are they being
tried like the crooks down the street?

Because NOW we no longer are to call them what they are...
they are not terrorists, they are simply people who cause
'man-made disasters'. There. That narrows the whole thing
down, now, doesn't it? Sounds a lot less threatening than
terrorists! Don't you feel better now? Safer? Yes, back to
the pre-9/11 mindset. Homeland Security, under the
current administration, now is showing mercy to the very
ones who are out to destroy us, our country, our American
way of life. It's one thing to treat them well while awaiting
and going through's another thing to equate them
with our own criminal population, who are afforded benefits
befitting an American Citizen... not a war criminal.

Our military is fighting to eliminate and prevent terrorism.
How encouraging to them to find that the very country
they are fighting for, their Commander-in-chief, and the
entire Obama administration, considers those they are
fighting against to have the same rights as they would
have in similar circumstances... or would they??? Now, I
seem to remember some Marines who were put on trial for,
VERY LIVES! And for ours.

Take our country back, people! Send letters, emails,
phone calls, to your senators, congressional representatives,
your governors, telling them what you think of this outrage.
Then get on your knees, and ask God to save our country,
to forgive us for our laxity, and our negligence in allowing
it to progress to this point.

God is good...all the time! He knows the truth of it all, and
He is the God of justice. We must believe that He will take
the steps necessary to protect us from this insanity.

Let the legislators know that you are watching them! Let's
put our country, and our justice system, back on the right
track, and call what is 'is', and what isn't, 'isn't'!


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