Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WHOSE Health Care Is It Anyway????

I just find it so difficult to understand. All these
years women have been counseled, by health
care professionals, to make sure they have a
base-line mammogram at age 40, and even
earlier if they have pain or other high risk
factors. We have been taught repeatedly
how important it is to do self breast exams.
Like all cancers, it has been drummed into our
silly heads that early detection is the best way
to beat this horrible disease.

Now, on the eve of our new 'Obama-Care'
health care product's possible approval by our
wonderful, caring lawmakers, we find out that
all these warnings and teachings are in fact
needless. From what I have read and heard so
far, it is very rare to have a truly positive result
from a mammogram. You are more likely to
have a 'false positive'. And the odds of finding
a real problem is minute at best. I even heard it
said that this study states that self breast exams
are virtually useless. What????

Ok, tell that to the friend who found a lump while
showering. She did not panic. She knew it was
probably nothing. But, despite her optimism, the
subsequent mammogram showed it was something
of concern. A biopsy was ordered. Then she was
told it was stage 3 breast cancer. So an almost
immediate mastectomy was performed, followed
by chemo and radiation. She was fortunate, and is
post cancer almost 13 years now. But if she had
thought the self breast exam was useless, and the
results of any other testing was also minimal....
where would she be today?

Tell it, also, to my good friend, who recently, at
age 42, had her very first mammogram. It went well,
the techs were competent and considerate of her
comfort, and overall she was pleased with the
experience. She had no symptoms or issues, just
was following the guidelines to have her base-line.

But imagine the surprise when she received a call
to come back in the next week. She thought maybe
they just needed some more views. As it turns out,
they had found calcifications, ones that they did
not like. Subsequent biopsy proved it to be ductal
cancer in situ. Now she faces a complete bilateral
mastectomy. And while she is confident this will
have a good outcome, what if she had waited
till much later to have her first mammogram?
Remember, she was not having ANY symptoms.

All the research, all the fund raising, all the education
and publicity we have been exposed to all these years
are now being downplayed to be of no 'use'. I can't
help but this part of the 'plan' to handle
costs? Since the government cannot really seem to
explain how all this will be paid for, are they really
considering ways to 'eliminate' some of us? Yes, that
indeed would cut costs, and save doctor time, and
health care treatment, etc., etc. Sounds horrible,
doesn't it? But with the way our leaders have been
'leading', one must wonder what's around the corner.

Remember, there is that 'end of life' care comment in
the health care bill. 'Ways to handle end of life issues'.
Comforting. Can't help but wonder if this will apply
only to those who cannot afford to pay for the continued
health care, or to everyone no matter their financial
status. Somehow I think the former.

Ladies, stand up! Don't go backwards on this issue.
And please, please do not listen to this new study, this
new set of guidelines. The true statistics support early
detection. There is no other way to contain this disease.
If you wait too long, you will be gone before too long.
Cancer is something we can not afford to take
lightly. It destroys lives, it decimates the quality of
life, it causes great heartache and disruption in families.
We must not allow this to take root, not let our family,
friends and neighbors listen and believe in this study's
findings. They are not based on fact...they are a
conglomeration of several different studies and the
statistics it offers are not based on real women, and
real outcomes. The American Cancer Society is
certainly not embracing this announcement, and is
encouraging women to continue screenings to detect
cancer in it's earliest forms.

This is OUR health care, that's whose it is! And we
must take it back. We've come a long way, baby,
so let's don't give one ounce back, especially not to
socialistic values, where the individuality of each
person is crushed. We are the daughter's of the most
high God. We must live like who we are.

Let's band together and nay-say this organization that
released this information. And let's encourage one
another to keep on keeping on, and fighting this killer.
And don't forget to write, call or email your representatives
and share your anger over this travesty called 'health care',
and that they better start looking for new jobs if they vote
in it's favor.

LORD, you give us wisdom, you show us the way we
should walk. Please continue to teach us, and to show
us how to fight those who would deliberately mislead
us, trying to persuade us to let down our guard, to stop
protecting the bodies you gave us, that are our
responsibility because of your goodness and mercy. We
are made in your image, and you know each and every
cell and hair. You are our everything. Please keep us, and
protect us, and let us fight with love and compassion, yet
stand our ground as true warriors of the faith. Amen.


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