Friday, December 18, 2009

Rosebuds of Faith Series: Too much to do...too little time!

"Those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness."
Proverbs 14:22

Do you have the same problem that I do? I jump up and say,
"I'll do that!". With great gusto, and good intentions, and
then immediately wondering, 'can I?' I plan to do this and
that, to have this party and to go to that one, to buy this
gift, to send a card to so and so, and pick up the phone to
make a call to one I've not seen for awhile. I plan, plan, plan.
And then I forget....and the time to act has passed by.

We tend to over plan in this life. Today's society puts such
demands on us that we do not have the time to do all we want
to. Our desire to do these things may be very real. I know mine
is. But the reality of the structure we live under may not allow
all this to happen. We expect too much of ourselves. Our minds
are crammed full of too much 'stuff'. Home, work, church, play,
all the things we are involved with make our minds mush.

Ok, so what can we do? We can let God lead us, guide us, show
us what is important and good. We need to slow our lives down,
eliminate that which we do not need, and bring in that which is
worthy, for us and for others. In that way we will be doing that
which is right and true, and we will relieve the stress that we
place on our own selves.

God has said that there is a season for every thing under the
Heavens. We just need to step back, re-evaluate, and place the
things of God at the top of our lists. Then we need to act on
those things, and not be distracted by the demands of this
'needy' world, a world that says 'pay attention to me'.

So when the thought comes to send a card, to make a phone call,
to do whatever deed is helpful, ask God, then add it to your list
if you feel it is right and good. Then don't waste time...don't let
it go beyond a day or two. It will become lost in the interim, and
then you will feel, what? Regret. Tons of it.

Life is short on this earth. But opportunities are great. Let God
walk with you and show you what is important. Sift out the
frivolous things, and focus on what God has for you. Touch others,
grateful for the chance, and relax. It will be taken care of. Your
needs will be met, as will the needs of those you are destined to
minister to. God knows.....and He cares.....and He will make a way.

Love comes with caring....and faithfulness always has its rewards. The
fruit of the Spirit comes by our faithfulness, by our love, and by
our obedience to the One who gave all for us. Give Him praise this day

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