Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thoughts About the Health Care Vote...or Non-Vote!

Ok, I am having some difficulty with these thoughts!

Are they angst-inspired? Could I really get physically
or vocally violent? What would the folks back home
think if I did? Do I really care what they think? How
can I retaliate against those who are attempting to hijack
our government? Should I just get in the car and drive
to D.C. (Den of Corruption)? Suppose I email all the
senators and congressmen and women and threaten
them with all kinds of horrible tortures, like splashing
them with water and mud when I drive by them.......
or putting salt in their sugar bowl when they have their

Or should I just pray?

JUST? Did you catch that? I know, and YOU know, there
is no such thing for a Christian as 'JUST' prayer. When we
pray, we believe there will be results. True, we do not know
what those results will be, but we are assured by our Father
that we will have them. And God is not a man that He can lie.

So.......OK, I will pray. There is more power in prayer than
any other place. Violence is not more powerful. Anger cannot
top it. Behaving like a child (one of my favorite reactions!)
will never equate it. But by taking my concerns and fears to
the Father, and laying them at His beautiful feet at the same
time....that is paramount to a victory already won.

God is not surprised by what is happening right now in our
government. He was not surprised when Mr. Obama was
elected. He was not surprised by the budget deficit being
grown like a plot of land in 'Farmville', watered daily and
fertilized with America's tears. And He will not be surprised
tomorrow if our leaders decide to vote this monstrosity of a
health care bill into law.

But today I am surprised that they may not vote at all, and yet
still push it through! How can they do that? By using some little
known and rarely used method called Reconciliation. This function
of government was enacted for simple little financial corrections or
GOVERNMENT! Which will certainly follow if this atrocity is

If this bill in enacted, whether by vote or 'not', we will begin seeing
more and more areas of our lives taken over by the socialist 'view.
The strong arm of government will become a daily intrusion into
our lives. And all for the profit and power of a few.

Pray about this. Pray that God will touch hearts and minds of those
we elected to defend our principles and our way of life. Pray for them
to vote the RIGHT way, not the way of greatest benefit to them. Pray
for America, for the citizens, for God's people. Pray that we will stand
up and be strong in Jesus' name, the name above all names.

Remember....God has warned us that in the end times these things
will happen. But He has also promised that He will take care of those
who are His...yes, and we are His, are we not? Therefore, we should
not be surprised that we will prevail one way or another, because
we should not be surprised that our God does what He says He will
do, and He will deliver us from our Egypt.

Please, 'JUST' pray!


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