Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rosebuds of Faith Series: Open the Eyes of My Heart, LORD...Post Surgery, Day 3

(I had surgery this week on both eyelids. While I am recovering,
I have been challenged in trying to read or write, or to even
concentrate on things. But I share with you, while making lots
of errors, what God is doing through my 'travail', if you will!)

Good morning!

While it is still very difficult for me to see what I am trying to read,
and to actually try to type it, God has put this on my heart to share
with all of you.

I was just having my second (third?) cup of coffee, out on my deck,
with my shades on, enjoying the beautiful serenity of my back yard.
And while bemoaning the fact that I am still swollen and cannot hardly
see, and feeling a good deal of pain, I realized that God still opens the
eyes of my heart. He speaks.

Psalm 119:18....'Open Thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous
things out of Thy law.'

We do not need to have physical eyes to see what God has for us. He
always imparts His wisdom, His promises, and His Word to us simply
by our asking. We need not sit in the dark, wondering where He is....we
have the ability to stand in His light, and therefore to shine. We do not
have to be in a room full of people, or be walking down a street where
all can see us, or even be behind a pulpit or podium addressing a
multitude. We can simply be by ourselves, alone and quiet, meditating
on His goodness and His grace; we will shine just the same.

Like the song says, 'Open the eyes of my heart, LORD, open the eyes
of my heart, I want to see you.' He tells us that if we seek Him, we shall
find Him; if we knock on the door, He will open it; if we ask for His strength,
He will provide it. If we will but open the eyes of our hearts, and LOOK
at Him, we will see His glory. We will know He is here, with us always.
We will have that inner peace that only He can give. And that inner peace
will shine through us, so that those who do not know Him like we know
Him, will yearn for that same opportunity.

Yes, He spoke to me this morning. Just as if I was suddenly awakened
out of sleep, I knew that my present 'calamity', which is a passing one,
cannot prevent me from seeing Him, or from hearing Him. It is my duty to
listen for Him, and to look for Him with my heart. After all, is this not what
He has said from the beginning, that He wants us to seek Him?

'And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me
with all your heart.' Jeremiah 29:13

When you are in a 'calamity', remember those words...they are the
lifeblood of His message....once you find Him, you have all you will
EVER need.


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