Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rosebuds of Faith Series: Peace for My Heart (Post Surgery Day 6)

'A heart at peace gives life to the body.'
 Proverbs 14:30 (NIV)

The journey is better...I am healing, and feeling
more like me! I don't jump with fright when I peer
into the mirror...I am not avoiding it like I was before.
That is a definite plus!

As I sit and think over the past week I cannot do so
without realizing that God has been right here with me
the entire time. Yes, I know, as Christians we all should
know that without fail. But sometimes we feel alone,
and we tend to forget the fact that we are never out of
His matter our situation.

When I felt badly, from pain or frustration, He knew it,
and He held my hand. When I cried because I wished I
had not done it, he wiped my tears. When I felt lonely
because I did not want anyone to see my disfigured face,
He loved it anyway, and kissed the bruises and swollen
places. And when I felt fear, He held the torch right in
front of me, making my way straight and giving me
courage to face the days ahead.

Why do I always doubt the One who loves me most?
He is the only One who loves me unconditionally. He will
never leave me or forsake me. He ministers to my heart
continually, reassuring me of His love, and telling me
that I am, indeed, His princess.

No, I have NEVER looked like a princess!  And I never
will. ot in the world's eyes. But to His eyes, I do. To His
eyes, I have beauty, and to His eyes, I have worth. Just
as I am, bruised and swollen, or not, I am His.

Because of this, I do have peace. My mind, my heart,
my spirit, yes, and even my beat up old body have the
peace of the Dove all over me. So today I give praise for
the grace that covers me...His grace.

YOU are the same! You are either His princess or His
prince. We all are young and beautiful to Him. We are
all of worth, else He would never have suffered and died
on that tree all those years ago. He paid for our 'royalty'.
He paid dearly. We are His, now and forever more.

Look to Him today for your peace. Ask Him to touch
you in a way you have never been touched, and He will.
Tell Him you know He is with you all the time, even when
you forget. Give Him the praise and the glory that only
He deserves. And bask in the loving kindness and warmth
of His arms. He is the ONLY One who can touch you in
this way.

It is true; when our hearts are at peace, we are of great
use to Him, both in our own bodies, and in the
wonderful body of Christ, His unblemished bride.


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