Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lessons Learned...Caring About OTHER People

It's odd that when you think of your friends, you
don't usually think about how they really treat you.
We tend to make excuses for them, especially if we
enjoy being around them, or if we think it's 'cool'
to name drop. Makes us feel superior and special,

The reality is that sometimes our closest friends,
and even family, will treat us with total lack of
consideration. They care not for our soft hearts,
our past full of rejection, or our loyalty to them.
They seem to only care for themselves. Or maybe
even OTHER people?

I once had a very close girlfriend when I was
growing up. We knew each other since before school.
But we became fast friends in elementary school and
even way beyond school of any kind. But every once
in awhile she would cancel out on me when we were
going to either hang out or even going to an event.
And it seemed this always happened because of a
particular OTHER person. She did not try to hide it.
I guess, to her credit, she was rather blatant about
it. Thus my feelings would be hurt, and I would cry
silently, yet all the while I would be making
excuses for her. She didn't know what she did to hurt
me, or she felt sorry for this OTHER person, and that
was the only reason she would do it. Fact was, she
knew I would always be there. Always forgiving, always
ready to be friends again. I was a virtual doormat.

All these many years later, I sometimes still feel
that hurt. But I have to say, that hurt has probably
been very beneficial to me, and to OTHERS. For, you
see, remembering how I felt when someone mistreated me,
whether it was intentional or accidental, helps me to
treat OTHER people better. I do not wish to be the cause
of OTHER people's hurt feelings. I will not set out to
wound OTHER people's hearts. In fact, I will do most
anything within my power to treat them fair and square,
to go the extra mile to make them feel important to me,
to show them they have real value and are a positive
impact on OTHER people.

I have always befriended the underdog. I have taken
some of them under my wing. I have gone out of my way
to be nice to them, to smile at them, to include them
in some of my activities. I have taken a stand to
protect them, and to defend their character. Most of
all, I have prayed that God would deliver them from
the persecution they seem to attract, through no fault
of their own.

Jesus asked us to love one anOTHER as we do ourselves.
He has said there is no greater love than to lay down
your life for a friend, for OTHER people. He also told
us to treat OTHERS as we would like to be treated. Jesus
told us that if we give a drink of water to OTHERS, then
we have done it for Him.

Remember what it feels like, or what you MAY feel like,
if mistreated by OTHER people. Then, take action to not
treat any OTHER people like that. Be courteous and kind,
helpful and useful, full of love and grace. Minister to
hearts and souls with the love our Father has so graciously
imparted to us.

The lessons learned? Care about OTHER people....remember,
we all are OTHER people too!


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