Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rosebuds of Faith Series: I WILL LIVE!....Day 8 Post Surgery

'Your Word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path.'
Psalm 119:105 (niv)

OK, it is obvious to me now...I am going to survive this

I actually went back to work today. Yes, I had to 'ice'
my swollen eyes first thing this morning. They are always
swollen shut after sleeping all night. ONLY since this

And of course I had to put my shades on, the BIG ones,
the ones that wrap all around my face, hiding the bruises
and the swelling, and the incisions. It was a little
weird, though, as it was very cloudy today. But even that
little bit of light is painful to my eyes right now. And
I do not want people to see me without the glasses, because
I don't want there to be a scene straight out of Nightmare
on Elm Street, started by the sight of ME! Can you imagine
people running into the streets, screaming and crying, as
they see me in my present condition? Well, no, it's not
really THAT bad.....but sounds exciting, doesn't it???

I made it through the day. Good news at work; my program
is fixed, so work is easier, even though I have alot of
catching up to do. But I was able to hunker down and
'git 'er done'! Took ice with me in case I needed to use it
at lunch, but surprise! I lasted the whole day without it!
Good sign!

So I am thinking, being back in the somewhat 'normalcy' of
my life, that I must be pretty tough after all, a Yankee with
a stash of courage, a Trooper of a Gal, a Southern Belle who
survived the 'wahr', or something like that. Giving myself
a pat on the back, if you will. But then something, or Somebody,
whispers in my ear....'You didn't do it...I did'.

Yes, He did. Not me. I am weak where He is strong. I am faithless,
while He is faithful. I am flesh, while He is Spirit. I
can do nothing apart from Him. I cannot grow fruit if I am not
part of the Vine. I don't shine without His Light. It goes on and
on and on.

This is not the worst thing that could happen to me. In fact,
I have been very seriously ill a couple of times. Worse than
this, much worse. And there are those who suffer terrible disease,
and have crippling accidents; those who go totally blind, and
those who lose all their mobility. I have experienced none of
those things. Yet, it was still difficult for me. Reminds me
that He cares for us, in the little things, and in the big things.
If it matters to us, it matters to Him.

God is indeed the lamp to my feet...I would stumble and fall
if He did not show the way. The road in front of me may be a
little intimidating, but He shines His Light in front of me,
making sure I land safely at it's end.

He is my Jehovah Rapha, the Great Healer. He has brought me
through this last week by His grace, His mercy, and His love.
He has extended patience to me while I whined, He has held
my hand while I shook with fear, and He has patted my back
when I decided to be strong in His strength. He heals my
body, and He comforts my soul. I cannot ask for more....
but He offers it anyway.

Take stock of experiences you have had over your lifetime.
Did you have to lean on God to get through? Or did you
accomplish that in your strength alone? Did you cry out
to Him for mercy, and then received it? Or did you simply
push on through and not even acknowledge that you needed Him?

It makes no difference, really. What I mean is, even if you
will not call on Him, even if you do not give Him the credit
for your 'survival', He is STILL the one in control. It was
still His choice of the outcome you would receive. He is,
after all, God. Give Him praise and glory now, whether your
incident was 50 years ago or just this week. Because He is
the One who brought you, and me, through our 'thing'!


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