Thursday, June 16, 2011


'Listen, I tell you a mystery; We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed.'
1 Corinthians 15:51

Change. It's something we all face, usually on a daily basis. We can't avoid it, we can't redirect it, we can't stop it. We should embrace some change, but even the changes we do not like or don't want must be dealt with.

How do we deal with change? I hope with an open heart and a calm spirit. Because since most changes in our lives are not under our direct control, they are still ours to live with. So, whatever that change may be, we must find a way to fit it into our lives, and reshape our thoughts and behaviours to accommodate it.

Remember that not all change is good, and not all is bad. There may be some that we can say 'NO' to, but there will always be the change that we do not have any recourse with. The one constant is that there will always be change in our lives.

Take a moment to consider some of the good change you have experienced. How about when you met that 'one', the one you want to spend your life with. Do you feel that was a good change? Or the promotion you got recently? Or the day you brought home your new puppy or kitty? What about the day you realized you knew Jesus as your LORD and Saviour?

Now, think about the bad change. A loved one has passed on, or is sick. It may be you who is battling an illness. Or the day you received your pink slip. Or a friendship that went bad. How about that thing or event you wanted so badly but it didn't happen? What about the days that are changed because of depression or loneliness?

All throughout God's Word we read about change. The Israelites were taken captive in Egypt. Then they were freed, to wander 40 years in the wilderness. Mary became with child, yet knew no man. King David went from a meek and mild young shepherd boy to a valiant warrior in an instant. Adam and Eve lived in glory in the garden, yet their change was drastic and sudden, all due to one sin. Jesus was transformed on the mountain. And when He was born, dark was changed into light.

Yes, change has many faces. It has many benefits and it may have many consequences. But the important thing is how we handle it. Is it with grace, or with anger? Do we smile through it, or do we frown? And how are we treating those who bring the change to us, with love or dislike? Jesus Himself faced many changes, yet He continued to shine through them all, even while suffering on the cross. He went through the ultimate change...from life, to death, to life again.

So look at your life today, and when you face a change, embrace it. Whether it be good or bad, think about what it means, what you will have to adjust to deal with it, and how you can turn it into something positive, no matter what it is. Then thank God that you can assimilate change into your life, and if it is a difficult one, ask Him to give you wisdom and grace to handle it. Find opportunity in any change, and use it to enrich your life. Do not allow it to hinder your walk with God. Rather, face it as a new adventure, with joy and excitement and wonder.


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