Monday, June 20, 2011

In The Dark

It's no joke! I am, literally, sitting in the dark! Still don't know why, but it seems a good part of the city I work in is having a power outage.

I work in a hospital, so the emergency lights are on, but those lights are not in my office. And they do take a few minutes to come on. So for the very first minutes, since I am in an interior office (which means NO WINDOW! ) I was staring into abject darkness. A little bit unnerving, I will admit!

The lights just came back on, while I am writing this. So its back to work in a few minutes. But let me tell you what I was just thinking about...

Even when we are in total darkness, and there is no light to be seen by the human eye, if Jesus lives in your heart the light is still there. It never goes out, it is never shaded or blocked, it is never out of reach. Because it is He who is the virtual light in our world.

Sitting here in those first few moments of complete, rather frightening, blackness, I realized when I felt the first hint of panic that He was still beside me. He was still holding my hand. He has promised to never leave or forsake me. So why would I think he would head out the door and out of my life, simply because a few lights went out in my building?

The lesson is to trust Him completely. He is always with us, whether we are in the dark of night, or in the blazing sunshine. He delivers on all His promises, so we can feel safe, no matter what things look like around us.

I am grateful the lights are back on. But I am more grateful that I was never alone in the dark at all.


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