Monday, May 28, 2012


As my husband and I drive home from a rare weekend away together, I am reminded of how very fortunate we are. We have the privilege of being able to travel anywhere we wish to go in our own land. We are free to purchase items we need and want, we are free to interact and enjoy relationships with those of different cultures, religions and beliefs.

We need not worry about being censored when we speak of political issues, of government policies, good or bad, or of our elected leaders. We do not fear our fellow Americans, and we move about in our society, rich, poor, or in-between, with a measure of security and acceptance.

Why is this true, even though our forces are engaged in two wars, our economy is losing ground every day in some sector, and our unemployment is at record highs? Why, when we see and hear of turmoil and strife that affects every nook and cranny of our complicated social structure?

It's because we stay free. It is because we are America. It is because there is a back bone, a remnant, if you will, of those of us who have not given up, who have not caved in, who refuse to buckle under the pressure to become a socialist nation. It is because we still have our freedom, and so many of us will stand up for it, no matter the cost. It is because despite the fact that our nation, in large part, has turned away from God, there are many who worship and adore Him, pray to Him, and ask continually for protection for our people, and our land.

When prayer is offered up to the Heavens with pure hearts, motives, and love, God always hears. When we, who are sinners saved by grace, turn to Him, and plead for our nation, He keeps His Word to us. As long as there are those of us who will continue to do as He has commanded we do, we will never lose our freedom. Because freedom, true freedom, is a gift that only comes through knowing Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Today, give thanks for staying free, to God , and to our military, wherever they are, and whatever they do, because tney are God's warriors. They are willing each and every day to put their own lives on the line for you and for me. They know the price they may have to pay, but they are willing. Praise them, hug and kiss them, but make sure you are truly thankful for them. And tell them, please. As the mom of two young men in our U.S. Army, and friends with those whose children have paid that very high price, I cannot tell you how proud my heart is of them, and of their families. We have been truly blessed in tnis nation to have a totally volunteer military system, made up of those who wish to serve their nation, their countrymen, and anyone from other places who call tnis great place home.

This is MEMORIAL DAY! Thank you, current military, veterans, past and present ! And thank you, God, for making sure we STAY FREE!


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