Thursday, July 26, 2012

God Speaks

Yes, he does. He speaks through His Living Word. He speaks through other people. He even speaks to us in person through the Holy Spirit. And He speaks to us through nature.

It may be a detriment to my aspirations as a writer, but the awesome way God uses nature to touch my heart, and to give me that perfect peace I so crave, is wonderful. Today it is overwhelming!

I have enjoyed the early morning satisfaction of enjoying the nature God created around me many times, in many places. The beach, the mountains, in my home state, even iin Ecuador and recently Germany. But His love and greatness is just as evident to me in my own backyard as anywhere else, and even perhaps more. Because it is mostly in our own home territories where the bulk of our battles rage. And that is where we draw our strength to fight against them...from The Creator Himself.

I am thankful that God chooses to speak to me. And, I am happy He uses so many different ways to do so. He keeps my attentive, on my spiritual toes, if you will! He engages my heart, and He makes my path this day so much easier to navigate.

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