Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Pray for Israel

As the news continues to pour out after the tragic bombing of a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Bulgaria earlier today, I am prompted in my heart to cry out to God on Israel's behalf. Why?

As a Christian, I am grafted in to the Israel nation. I am happy about that. I love the people, the country, their customs and traditions. I am also so very impressed by those who continue to practice Judaism and Christianity, in that they are so very devout in their beliefs, and in their reverence of the Lord our God.

There are warnings throughout God's Word to do no harm to Israel. This nation is full of His people. That is not exclusionary in terms of His great love for all peoples. But He chose the Israeli nation to be the focus point in the Bible, from beginning to end, centered in that part of the world. So if any one of us does harm to Israel, or their citizens, then we are in direct contradiction to what we believe, and what God has commanded.

Today is just one more example of violence and disrespect towards this dear country. The people do not want violence. They simply want to live and work, and survive, on the land God gave them. They want their children to be safe, and they want to be able to worship freely, without fear of attack.

Three people were killed in this attack today, and others injured. I do not know how serious their injuries are. But I just got the news that Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, has made a declaration that Iran is directly responsible for this tragedy, and that retribution will be substantial.

What does this mean? It means that once again this nation has been pushed to it's limits. There will come a time that something is going to happen. There is no avoidance of it because the 'pushers' hate Israel, and want it literally wiped from the face of the earth. And Israel has the right to fight back.

At one time, America, the United States, was 100% invested in caring for and protection of Israel. We considered them our friends, allies, and a people and country we would fight for. This is no longer true. Most of the American people still feel that way, but our government looks the other way. It is clear that there is no real importance seen in Israel by our leaders. What a sad state of affairs. And how it must hurt the heart of God.

So, I will be crying out, all hours of the day and night, and I invite you to do so too. The greatest thing we can do for Israel is pray, ask God to protect, to lead, to guide. Ask God to show Mr. Netanyhu, who I am glad is in power at this time, great wisdom and to imbue him with power and strength. Pray for the people, the dear people, who only want to live in peace. My heart will not rest in this. I hope yours will not either.

I pray for Israel.

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