Monday, September 24, 2012

Will You Speak?

'Lead me, O Lord, in Your righteousness because of my enemies- make straight Your way before me.' Psalm 5:8

Are you afraid to speak for your beliefs? For your rights? For your freedoms? Do you cower in a corner, hoping no one will notice you, and that no one will ask your opinion? Do you literally shrink from discussions that may bring confrontation, or even persecution?

Most of us feel the same way. I don't like persecution, yet I am the receiver of it often. Confrontation? Yes, when I state an opinion, I am often attacked, verbally. Yet we are responsible for our own conduct, and for contributing to society. If we don't do that, who will?

We think that God will 'take care of it'. So we hush our mouths, hide away, and pray. Now, of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We are called to pray. But there comes a time when the prayer has been said, and it's time for action.

God doesn't tell us that Christians are to be doormats. We are to be of a forgiving nature, loving and kind in difficult circumstances. But we also are to confront evil where we see it. We are to speak up and defend those who are cannot defend themselves, and defend the truth of God's word.

Do not ever feel like your opinions do not count, for they surely do. And, as Americans, or as any citizen anywhere, it is a disservice to our nation to stand idly by and allow evil to continue to flourish. In doing so, we are taking part in that evil.

We now face tough times, in our government, finances, general safety and freedoms. So it is time to speak our thoughts and observations. We can do this in a polite manner, and we should. We can be firm, yet kind. And though we may not be treated in such a way, we can be the example. Let's do it!

Examine the issue, pray and ask for The Holy Spirit to guide you, and for God to protect you, then take the action..speak!


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