Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Be Exalted, O God...

'Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.' Psalm 57:5 Yes, we should be singing this in our hearts, ringing it on bells, shouting it from the rooftops. We should be on fire with sharing the greatness and wonder of our Living God. So what's stopping us? Could it be fear, or, even worse, shame? Are we concerned with what others may think of us? Worried they may consider you to be weak? In need of a man-made 'crutch'? Jesus has said that if we are ashamed of Him before others, He will be ashamed of us before the Father. Is that the ideal we wish to achieve as Christians? Are we not called to be Christ followers? Did we not make the choice to accept Jesus as our Savior? Did someone have to twist our arm to do so, or did we feel it in our very souls? Then why on earth would we be afraid, or ashamed, to tell the world how great our God is? When we hide our faith from others, we are telling God we are not trusting Him. If we are truly saved, when we back off from proclaiming Him as King of our lives, we should be feeling that small still voice, that gentle tug on our heart, which tells us the Holy Spirit is convicting us of our wrong actions. We often choose to ignore Him. Do we ignore the need to take our next breath? Step forward, in faith, and proclaim your King. Tell of all the things He has brought into your life. Share the moment you knew Him. Be no longer afraid, or ashamed, of who He is, or who you've become because of Him. Shout, sing, give praise! Tell everyone all about the Good News! Live life with Jesus, not by yourself. Faith is the greatest testimony we have. Love it, share it, live it! In so doing, we honor our holy God. Blessings!

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