Tuesday, March 5, 2013


'Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.' (Galatians 6:7)

Such true words, and such sad words for those who do not understand. And those are not only the unbelievers, but can be God's own as well.

We are assaulted every day by the world view of 'it's all about me'. Believers know this is not truth, because it is truly all about God. He is, after all, the Creator, and every thing is in His dominion.

If we treat others badly, we can expect the same. If we rob, cheat, lie, steal, we will have these things in return. Since this is how many people react, we should not be surprised when God's reaction may be even harsher.

When we minimize God and His Kingship, we are mocking Him. And, yes, believers do it too. There are times when all of us lose our spiritual perspective and end up being just like those who live in and for the world. We play that same game, the 'it's all about me' game, where there are no real winners, but alot of losers.

Until we grasp the fact that God is sovereign, is the absolute King, and is undeniably more powerful than we can even imagine, we will not understand who He really is. His love is endless, but His wrath is terrible. We dare not risk His judgement on us when we stray from His view to the world view, because the price is great. All will pay for mocking Him. Even His very own children.

We can be spared this punishment by recognizing our behavior as the sin it is, repenting of it, and asking His forgiveness. He will never withhold it when our asking is sincere. As His offer of grace to us is from His heart, our acceptance of it must be from ours.

Be careful to not mock the Lord. Rather, worship and adore Him, make and keep Him as the first priority in your life, and honor Him by sowing good seed. Then shall you reap the perfect harvest.


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