Sunday, March 5, 2017

The State of Our Nation - In God We Trust

I am disappointed. I am dismayed. I am annoyed. I am sad.

I know, it's not about me, but it is! I am an American citizen, born, tried, and true. I believe this is the most wonderful country on the planet, and while I want to visit every other country, I don't want to live anywhere but here. I am proud of my heritage, my people, and my land.

I am.

But I have a grieving heart as well. I often find myself feeling sad. If it were not for my faith in God, and knowing He is in total control, I would find myself on social media blasting about my issues with the current state of affairs in our government. Thank goodness I don't do that! I may make comments, but I don't attack, embarrass, or belittle. I was not raised to act that way. I trust God to keep me from treating others in this way.

One of the things that bothers me is the stark lack of decorum, of decent language, and respecting other's rights to their beliefs. When did it become a 'left thingy' to use totally indecent language? I mean, some of the words used over and over again in the same sentence are terribly offensive. Most of the people I see using this type of language are very well educated. Does that mean they have a pass to use these filthy words? What happened to the pride of writing and speaking eloquently, properly, without offense? Do we really want our children to grow to speak and write this way, not having an appreciation of good and decent language?

And the respect? Non-existent. It just is not present, obviously not even an option when I see folks blatantly slamming others over and over again just because they view an issue a bit differently. People who I have always thought to be loving and kind I might just not feel safe turning my back to now. Isn't that sad? Hate has overcome love, and slam-dunking a person's beliefs and morals is the new national past-time.

I want to love and respect everyone. But these people are destroying our culture, our reputation as the greatest country in the world, and have brought us to recognize the USA is not indestructible. It has become apparent to many that our homeland could become the next Rome. Why? Because they are trying to destroy all that is what has made and continues to make this country great. God, people with diversity coupled with tolerance (which means no demeaning, no violence), respect for each other and our land, and love. If you are filled with hate for anything not in your 'wish basket', then there is no room for real love. And that is the saddest part of all. The loss of love, caring, and working together.

We voted for a new president. Yes, I voted for President Trump. But even if I had not, he is now my president. And he should be afforded all rights to the office as each president before him has been. Instead, he is being undermined, and encumbered in so many ways, resulting in a situation that has never, ever occurred in the USA before...he does not have his cabinet, which he needs to efficiently run this nation. Shame on those who are inhibiting his right to what he was elected to. Shame on those who think only of their own personal agenda instead of the rights of others, and the right of this country to survive.

Have I given up? No, of course not. This nation has faced these issues before, though not on as great a scale as now. Not with the threats and dangers that now exist across the globe. Not with so much at stake. I believe we can turn it around, make it great again, a safe place to work, play, raise our children in, and live happily in. Where there is life, there is hope. And where there is hope, there is God. And In God We Trust!


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