Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

'You are a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love.' -- Nehemiah 9:17

We have an America that we can be proud of, despite all the social issues, the crime and the financial woes. We have not only our history, but our present, and our future ahead of us. We who believe in the original tenants of the founding fathers will continue to do so. And we will stand for what we believe to be right and good.

We have a military that no other country can rival. Oh, there may be some pomp and circumstance in uniforms and marching that may show us up now and then, but in the things that matter, no. No one can match it. Our men and women in uniform are dedicated, they love their country, and they will die to defend it.

That is why we have Memorial Day. It is the day set aside to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, who went to war or simply to serve and did not return the way they went. Many have never returned, but lie in unmarked graves in countries far away. But the memories remain, the heartaches are still present, along with the great pride in those that have been lost.

In some neighborhoods, and even cities and towns, flying our flag is prohibited or restricted. This is a travesty. Our flag should be flown by whoever wants to fly it, wherever they wish to do so, and on any day, week, month, year they wish to display it. It is our right to do so. People have died for our flag, for all it represents. 

I am honored to be a military mom. I will not ever be ashamed of that. I will ever be proud of my two boys, and the freedoms they both have fought for. While none of us like war, and do not ever want to take someone else's life, it is sometimes necessary to preserve our way of life, our very freedoms that make our country a place people want to be. 

So today, do like me, and remember those who gave everything for our freedom. They gave because they believed in the cause. I am proud of each and every one of them. And my prayer is that their families understand the honor each man and woman is afforded by Americans who understand that freedom is not free, a price must be paid, and their loved ones who paid it are appreciated and honored forevermore. 

In Nehemiah's day, he was distressed because of the damage caused by the fall of Jerusalem. He believed in and loved his home, and he trusted God to restore it. This took faith on his part, to trust God, to ask his king to allow him to travel to Jerusalem to look into the situation, and to take a stand, and encourage others to do so as well, as enemies came against them continually. But the city was rebuilt, the walls were erected, and the people were protected once again.  Because God is a gracious God. Always.

Enjoy your Memorial Day. And remember...always remember.


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