Saturday, June 3, 2017


'Live in harmony with one another.'  Romans 12:16

Kathy Griffin has been in the news this past week a lot. I mean A LOT!  It seems it does not matter what channel I switch my TV to, or my radio station, or even when listening to conversations, I am either seeing her face, hearing her voice, or listening to rants either for or against her.

While I am appalled at what she did, and what she has said, this is nothing knew. This girl has been doing this kind of thing for years, and has had a complete pass, at least from those who are in agreement with her. But all of a sudden, she is not getting this pass. She is finding out that not everyone is on her side, not everyone has her sense of humor, and not everyone is going to defend her.

I saw a Twitter post today where the gentleman commenting about the issue said she was on the offense...and yes, she WAS offensive.  While this is funny, it is also sad at the same time. She has in the past couple of days issued apologies for her recent behavior concerning our president, but as much as she makes a sad face and uses a whiny voice, it has no impact on most people who have a moral compass, who know what is right and what is wrong, what is acceptable and what is not.

We hear the liberal majority spouting off about the fact that they have the right to freedom of speech. And this is true, due to the wisdom of our forefathers. Even though many liberals believe that only THEY have that right, it is a true right of all Americans. We have many rights. Some are in the constitution, we have the Bill of Rights, and many rights exist for us simply because we are a free society.

But having rights does not mean we should just up and do whatever we want to do, simply because we have the right to do it. With rights comes responsibility. If you choose to do something you have been asked not to do, or that you know is not advisable, and then choose to do it, you will have a consequence. You will either hurt some one's feelings, or make them angry, or ruin their opinion of you, or any number of things. Our moral compass should always be turned on, and our judgment and common sense should rule. We should never do anything just because it is our right to do so. We should look beyond, and take time to be aware of any repercussions that may come from our choice.

God has commanded us to be kind. To be compassionate. To be loving and good. To be fair. Kathy Griffin did none of these things. She staged a horrible picture of a dead presidents bleeding head held in her hand, and thought it was funny. She did not care that the presidents 11 year old son saw the pic, and reacted in horror. His wife too saw it, and while she could see what the situation was, she would have been horrified as well. How is this funny? Was the impact of it worth Miss Griffin's right to do it? If you or I had done it, would we not have been arrested right away? You betcha'! But it was her right.

Something has gone terribly wrong in our society when cruel and senseless actions are applauded. Kathy Griffin is now paying the price for her thoughtlessness. But I must say, in a wee bit of defense of her, she has been prepared to have no boundaries by our society, by her followers, by those who have no sense of right and wrong, except for their personal rights.

Let us forgive her for this terrible act, but let God allow her to experience consequences like many of us face for doing things far less horrendous than what she has done. It was her choice, her 'funny', her right.


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