Saturday, January 19, 2019


Today is Saturday. Yeah, like you, I have been waiting all week for this day. MY day!

Not always! Many of my Saturdays belong to other people, other purposes, other responsibilities. And truly, this Saturday, today, is not actually just for my enjoyment...there is still laundry, housework, dishes, get it, right? The things that we usually wait until Saturday to do, but when you are a busy person, you find yourself doing laundry at midnight on Tuesday night, or washing dishes before you go to work on Thursday morning.

But today is a mix. I had expected family from another state in yesterday, but due to weather concerns their trip was rescheduled for two weeks later. So while much preparation was done in some areas for my family's arrival, now that it's on hold I am finding other things that also need done. However...

When it's this kind of Saturday, an hour of extra sleep, plenty of hot coffee, and no place to be anytime soon, that is when I feel the peace that I lack most of the week. It's quiet, it's comfy, I feel cozy. But when I am fully awake and start to do this and that, that and that other thing over there, and don't forget to get to this thing later today too...I am still not rushing, not feeling pushed, not feeling uncomfortable in the least. I do the things that are needed while enjoying my coffee, my dogs, my hubs, my granddaughter. It is a perfect day, to just rest when I want to, play on my notebook when I want to, and again, drink my coffee when I want to! The 'things' will get done...but I will not be worn out, stressed, or unhappy with the result of my work. 

One of the reasons for all of God. He is the one who brings the real peace. And even though I spend time with Him every single day of the week, there is something extra special about these special Saturdays, which I really do believe He makes sure I get every once in a while. They are refreshing and pleasant. And time spent with Him on a day like today makes a whole lot of difference in my attitude, my treatment of others, in my...dare I say it again? My peace.

So I am praying that you are enjoying your Saturday as well. If you are not, find a way to pull something super wonderful into it, even if it is just a bowl of ice cream. You can start by thanking God that you are alive, and that you have a Saturday to enjoy, no matter how you spend it. Many people don't, so be joyful in it!


Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Today is the day we give thanks for our freedoms.  Freedom to live our lives they way we choose to, freedom to come and go as we please, freedom to believe the way we wish.

Many of our freedoms come from our forefathers, who established our country. They used the Word of God, the Christian-Judeo beliefs, as their basis when creating our land and our government.  They knew that the goodness of those beliefs would endure, and create a place to live that would honor all peoples, and all beliefs.

So, in essence, ALL of our freedoms come from our God, the Father.  He is the real forefather. He and only He can guarantee freedoms.  He and only He can ensure our safety.  He and only He can and will guarantee our successes.  He is God and He is our independence.

Our pastor this past Sunday taught on John 8.  The actual text is in verse 1. Simple conversation between Jesus and His disciples, which is actually a power packed message of how to live and live free!

"So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed Him, 'If you will abide in My word, you are truly My disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.' "

Imagine Jesus speaking to you, these very words!  What would you walk away from that conversation with?  I pray it would be the realization that the only true freedom in this old wicked world is through your relationship with Christ. He holds the key to everything that affects us, day in and day out.  Therefore, He is the only One who has the power to bring us true freedom, freedom of the spirit. When we abide in Him, we are with Him.  

The apostle Paul was the perfect example of a human being living in total freedom.  Even when imprisoned, in chains and guarded every minute, he knew he was free.  Why? Because he knew his soul was free.  He knew no man could take from him what Jesus had given.  Freedom of the spirit is inside of us, once we have made the choice to follow Jesus.  And what resides inside cannot be removed, ever. 

So today give thanks to all those in our past who have made our freedoms secure, here in the good old U. S. of A.  But also remember that God is the real giver of our freedoms, even those that are given by our country.  Without Him, without His love and His grace, we would have no freedom.  Praise Him for loving us this much, to make us free, even as we serve Him, and willingly so.

Enjoy your family and friends, and your day, but remember to enjoy your Savior most of all!


Saturday, June 3, 2017


'Live in harmony with one another.'  Romans 12:16

Kathy Griffin has been in the news this past week a lot. I mean A LOT!  It seems it does not matter what channel I switch my TV to, or my radio station, or even when listening to conversations, I am either seeing her face, hearing her voice, or listening to rants either for or against her.

While I am appalled at what she did, and what she has said, this is nothing knew. This girl has been doing this kind of thing for years, and has had a complete pass, at least from those who are in agreement with her. But all of a sudden, she is not getting this pass. She is finding out that not everyone is on her side, not everyone has her sense of humor, and not everyone is going to defend her.

I saw a Twitter post today where the gentleman commenting about the issue said she was on the offense...and yes, she WAS offensive.  While this is funny, it is also sad at the same time. She has in the past couple of days issued apologies for her recent behavior concerning our president, but as much as she makes a sad face and uses a whiny voice, it has no impact on most people who have a moral compass, who know what is right and what is wrong, what is acceptable and what is not.

We hear the liberal majority spouting off about the fact that they have the right to freedom of speech. And this is true, due to the wisdom of our forefathers. Even though many liberals believe that only THEY have that right, it is a true right of all Americans. We have many rights. Some are in the constitution, we have the Bill of Rights, and many rights exist for us simply because we are a free society.

But having rights does not mean we should just up and do whatever we want to do, simply because we have the right to do it. With rights comes responsibility. If you choose to do something you have been asked not to do, or that you know is not advisable, and then choose to do it, you will have a consequence. You will either hurt some one's feelings, or make them angry, or ruin their opinion of you, or any number of things. Our moral compass should always be turned on, and our judgment and common sense should rule. We should never do anything just because it is our right to do so. We should look beyond, and take time to be aware of any repercussions that may come from our choice.

God has commanded us to be kind. To be compassionate. To be loving and good. To be fair. Kathy Griffin did none of these things. She staged a horrible picture of a dead presidents bleeding head held in her hand, and thought it was funny. She did not care that the presidents 11 year old son saw the pic, and reacted in horror. His wife too saw it, and while she could see what the situation was, she would have been horrified as well. How is this funny? Was the impact of it worth Miss Griffin's right to do it? If you or I had done it, would we not have been arrested right away? You betcha'! But it was her right.

Something has gone terribly wrong in our society when cruel and senseless actions are applauded. Kathy Griffin is now paying the price for her thoughtlessness. But I must say, in a wee bit of defense of her, she has been prepared to have no boundaries by our society, by her followers, by those who have no sense of right and wrong, except for their personal rights.

Let us forgive her for this terrible act, but let God allow her to experience consequences like many of us face for doing things far less horrendous than what she has done. It was her choice, her 'funny', her right.


Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

'You are a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love.' -- Nehemiah 9:17

We have an America that we can be proud of, despite all the social issues, the crime and the financial woes. We have not only our history, but our present, and our future ahead of us. We who believe in the original tenants of the founding fathers will continue to do so. And we will stand for what we believe to be right and good.

We have a military that no other country can rival. Oh, there may be some pomp and circumstance in uniforms and marching that may show us up now and then, but in the things that matter, no. No one can match it. Our men and women in uniform are dedicated, they love their country, and they will die to defend it.

That is why we have Memorial Day. It is the day set aside to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, who went to war or simply to serve and did not return the way they went. Many have never returned, but lie in unmarked graves in countries far away. But the memories remain, the heartaches are still present, along with the great pride in those that have been lost.

In some neighborhoods, and even cities and towns, flying our flag is prohibited or restricted. This is a travesty. Our flag should be flown by whoever wants to fly it, wherever they wish to do so, and on any day, week, month, year they wish to display it. It is our right to do so. People have died for our flag, for all it represents. 

I am honored to be a military mom. I will not ever be ashamed of that. I will ever be proud of my two boys, and the freedoms they both have fought for. While none of us like war, and do not ever want to take someone else's life, it is sometimes necessary to preserve our way of life, our very freedoms that make our country a place people want to be. 

So today, do like me, and remember those who gave everything for our freedom. They gave because they believed in the cause. I am proud of each and every one of them. And my prayer is that their families understand the honor each man and woman is afforded by Americans who understand that freedom is not free, a price must be paid, and their loved ones who paid it are appreciated and honored forevermore. 

In Nehemiah's day, he was distressed because of the damage caused by the fall of Jerusalem. He believed in and loved his home, and he trusted God to restore it. This took faith on his part, to trust God, to ask his king to allow him to travel to Jerusalem to look into the situation, and to take a stand, and encourage others to do so as well, as enemies came against them continually. But the city was rebuilt, the walls were erected, and the people were protected once again.  Because God is a gracious God. Always.

Enjoy your Memorial Day. And remember...always remember.


Sunday, March 5, 2017

The State of Our Nation - In God We Trust

I am disappointed. I am dismayed. I am annoyed. I am sad.

I know, it's not about me, but it is! I am an American citizen, born, tried, and true. I believe this is the most wonderful country on the planet, and while I want to visit every other country, I don't want to live anywhere but here. I am proud of my heritage, my people, and my land.

I am.

But I have a grieving heart as well. I often find myself feeling sad. If it were not for my faith in God, and knowing He is in total control, I would find myself on social media blasting about my issues with the current state of affairs in our government. Thank goodness I don't do that! I may make comments, but I don't attack, embarrass, or belittle. I was not raised to act that way. I trust God to keep me from treating others in this way.

One of the things that bothers me is the stark lack of decorum, of decent language, and respecting other's rights to their beliefs. When did it become a 'left thingy' to use totally indecent language? I mean, some of the words used over and over again in the same sentence are terribly offensive. Most of the people I see using this type of language are very well educated. Does that mean they have a pass to use these filthy words? What happened to the pride of writing and speaking eloquently, properly, without offense? Do we really want our children to grow to speak and write this way, not having an appreciation of good and decent language?

And the respect? Non-existent. It just is not present, obviously not even an option when I see folks blatantly slamming others over and over again just because they view an issue a bit differently. People who I have always thought to be loving and kind I might just not feel safe turning my back to now. Isn't that sad? Hate has overcome love, and slam-dunking a person's beliefs and morals is the new national past-time.

I want to love and respect everyone. But these people are destroying our culture, our reputation as the greatest country in the world, and have brought us to recognize the USA is not indestructible. It has become apparent to many that our homeland could become the next Rome. Why? Because they are trying to destroy all that is what has made and continues to make this country great. God, people with diversity coupled with tolerance (which means no demeaning, no violence), respect for each other and our land, and love. If you are filled with hate for anything not in your 'wish basket', then there is no room for real love. And that is the saddest part of all. The loss of love, caring, and working together.

We voted for a new president. Yes, I voted for President Trump. But even if I had not, he is now my president. And he should be afforded all rights to the office as each president before him has been. Instead, he is being undermined, and encumbered in so many ways, resulting in a situation that has never, ever occurred in the USA before...he does not have his cabinet, which he needs to efficiently run this nation. Shame on those who are inhibiting his right to what he was elected to. Shame on those who think only of their own personal agenda instead of the rights of others, and the right of this country to survive.

Have I given up? No, of course not. This nation has faced these issues before, though not on as great a scale as now. Not with the threats and dangers that now exist across the globe. Not with so much at stake. I believe we can turn it around, make it great again, a safe place to work, play, raise our children in, and live happily in. Where there is life, there is hope. And where there is hope, there is God. And In God We Trust!


The State of Our Nation

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Introducing: My New Blog Journey: Walking With God Through Cancer

This past year has brought many changes in my life. In late February, it was discovered that I might have uterine cancer. Turns out, that was indeed a fact.

The whirlwind of surgeries, and radiation treatment, have left me with issues I never imagined I would ever face. But then, who does? Who says, 'I think I might have cancer someday.'?

But when it does indeed happen to you, a whole other world begins to develop, and very quickly.

I just wanted to let you know, since I have been absent for some time, that I am actively writing again, and will be writing on this blog once again, as well as the new one above. It is located at I will be adding that address on the sidebar, and making some other updates to the blog site as well. Let's just say, lots of things have changed in my life, and I need to make everything as updated as I can.

God is still in control, and still on the throne, and I, for one, am very thankful!!!

God Bless!