Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rosebuds of Faith Series: What Would Jesus Haiti, and the World?

"And may the LORD cause you to increase and overflow with love
for one another and for everyone, just as we also do for you."
1 Thessalonians 3:12

Paul loved each of the churches. He knew he had been sent by
God, by Jesus Himself, to preach and minister to them. And
every time he began his letters, or when he was speaking directly
to them, he always told them of his love for them.

God is the author of love. He is the epitome of what love is, does,
and will do. How many of us would give our children up for someone
else? How often would we sacrifice all we have for a person who
has nothing? When we ask, 'What Would Jesus Do?', His answer
is always....everything, all the time.

Now we live in times where the need is great, where people suffer
continually, where life and death virtually hangs in the balance.
Something as little as one bottle of water can make all the difference.
A kind word, a warm blanket, a smile filled with hope, a piece of bread...
all these things can turn the tide, and bring joy, even if only for a brief
moment. It may be long enough to give a renewed determination for
survival. And it may introduce the love of God, which will help a person
pull up their boots and get on with it, with helping those around them
who are in the very same situation, and forging a new day for their

Jesus is among the people of Haiti. There are missionaries there who
have devoted their lives to changing that world, that very culture. Lives
have been changed, and more will be changed today, simply because
someone cares. Someone loves others enough to bring the wonderful
cause of Christ to them. And this will be displayed from here on out,
as the world gathers to provide relief, food, drink, medical care, housing,
and everything needed to rebuild and restore. Yes, Jesus is very
definitely there, right smack dab in the middle of the whole thing.

Search your heart today. No matter how difficult it is to contribute,
especially in our current economy, God will make a way. There is
something you can give. Any amount of money, no matter how small,
will be of great use. Items that are needed have been posted through
churches and credible, reliable relief agencies. The NC Baptist Men's
Disaster Relief Team is an excellent avenue through which to send the
love of Christ. And don't forget the most wonderful way to help....prayer.
We can all do that, no matter what our financial circumstance. And God
is glorified when we do.

Every one of us has at some time or another needed a hand up, a hand out,
and a hand held. Give the same back to the people of Haiti. And don't let it
stop there. There are needy people, both physically and spiritually,
all around us.


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