Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day Again!

Yes, it's that day again. I've been cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, bathing the dog...just being busy! And it's okay.

Do you know why it's okay? Because I can! Yes, I have the freedom, the ability, the ways, and the means to do all of these things. That is why I can truly say I am thankful today. Because there have been times in my past when I literally could not do these things.

I have experienced poverty in my adult life. I have lived without food, without my own home to clean, without a kitchen or food to cook. I have done without soap and water, and even without utilities. Yes. Here. In this great country I so love.

But...I also had the opportunity to get back up, move forward, and change my circumstances. This great country of ours has families of grit, courage, and stone-like strength and determination. We can literally face anything, yet survive and enjoy life as God intended us to. Our military is always at the ready to defend our land, and our freedoms. I had resources in my times of need, which are not available in many other countries.

In short, God blessed me, and my family. And while we often struggle in many areas, there is still that innate sense of wellbeing. I have visited a much poorer nation. I have seen poverty without hope. I have seen the sad eyes of hungry childen. And I have seen the grace of God intervene in their lives.

Yes, I have much for which to be thankful. I have family, friends, a nice home, food on my table, church, work, and play. More than that, I have a God who loves me, who is my provider, my hope, my peace, my Saviour. I can and will give thanks to Him today, and everyday. You can too.

Happy Thanksgiving, and blessings!

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